Hey People!

Colleen here once again. Did you read subject? Yes I’ve caught up with things so I’m not all upset. Strawberry I’ve been doing very well and I enjoyed myself at Ripley’s Aquarium along with Sam. Sam will show you the all pics taken on the trip since she took the majority since she has a broad interest in photography. I’ve been continuing with my diet and I have another pic of me which I think I look really smokin’ hot so one day a guy who likes a full figured woman will notice me! I will show you the remaining eight DD tees I own and The Feeney-Robertson Diet of my own handwriting pinned up on my wall. Ok, I refuse to ramble on so here are the pics for all to enjoy!

❤ Colleen




P.S. About the Willie tee I own, I support him regardless, Since Sam is a Willie fan aside from Godwin, I know in my mind Willie is doing his darn best running Duck Commander as CEO, even though Willie is not up to my standards and that’s my plain honest opinion and I’m entitled to it. Another reason why I set up a new account, because I got bored of my old username aside from being hacked, but jaserobertsonaholic says it all! I’m defiantly NOT a boring person! ‘Nuff Said!!! 🙂 

P.P.S. Sorry about that, I was in the process of updating my blog. Here’s the finished product….TAHDA!!!


Comments on: "Sorry I’ve been busy…" (5)

  1. I’m glad you understand how I feel about Willie but I refuse to judge him even though he is one of my least faves in DD. Love those cameo shorts? Man! I look soooo smokin’ hot! I feel like Missy the way I`m workin’! Sorry about all the trouble yesterday I was in the process of working on my blog.

  2. I refuse to patten my personal diet plan. I will not discuss with it you Strawberry on my blog since it’s
    public, Please give me your email address and I’ll tell you why. Thank you.

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