Hey Peeps!

Colleen here. I just had a chat with David and he told me to delete these videos due to tmi and being very dangerous. To avoid that I must write to Willie personally by email for permission to use the Robertson name as a information source. What I’m trying to say is I must join a DD fan club on Facebook in order to write to Willie letting him know I’m a die hard fan. Phil and other Robertsons and Sam and I are notorious for tmi. I got to make this quick because Sam is upset and wants to use the ‘net. Sorry about this. I’ll post later. It’s not that urgent. Here is a nice pic of Sam and me on my lappy.









Comments on: "Warning about posting videos!!!!" (2)

  1. I’m worried sick about you Strawberry. I hope your dad’s ok. if he’s not, Sam and I give you all our condolences.

    • Sorry that I made you worry. Dad’s okay, I’ve just been busy. I volunteered to help in the kitchen of a Christen camp, so that’s what I was doing last week. I meant to tell you and Sam about it Saturday, but then I got busy and forgot to tell you two. Again, sorry to make you worry. Anyway, how’s Sam doing with her eye? Is she still getting used to being blind in one eye, or does that seem normal to her now?

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