Hey There!

Colleen here. Yeah I do and here’s proof. I underwent 2 minor surgeries one for my wisdom teeth and the other for my breast reduction. Start with the wisdom teeth. I underwent LOCAL anesthesia and they gave me laughing gas, due to an abscess tooth that were aggravating the other three teeth. So that means my wisdom teeth were not impacted!!!!! So, I outsmarted John Luke and Sadie on this one. I’m not bragging, I’m just proud for myself that’s all. All I experienced was extreme discomfort….hardly any pain at all. I only took ONE painkiller to kill the pain. Then I underwent general anesthesia for my breast reduction. Then when the anesthesia wore off, the plastic surgeon hooked my arm to an IV and the painkiller kicked in almost instantly! All I experienced was severe discomfort and the plastic surgeon didn’t prescribe me any further painkillers because I didn’t need them.  So I had good luck with surgeries. I hardly doubt that I’ll undergo major surgery because I’m healthy. Jase is putting it lightly on my nerves….I have “nerves of stainless steel” which is a better description. I also can tolerate bad weather. I braved a thundershower and a severe snowstorm in the last two years and both times I came home alive! I have a stainless steel chain with a stainless steel cross pendant that represent my powerful nerves. Same thing goes with my stomach because I’m not a picky eater. Here is a nice pic of me wearing the stainless steel cross on my neck. If Jase and Mia heard about that, they would be proud by the way I handled those two surgeries. I thank God a lot for helping me pull through nicely. Both surgeries were a HUGE success! I didn’t have to pay a cent for these two surgeries so, thank God for that.


❤ Colleen



P.S. Happy Happy Happy and HAM SAMMICH!



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  1. I’m happy happy happy to hear that your surgeries went well. 🙂

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