Hi there. Colleen here. My right side of my jaw is in severe pain due to eating hard beef jerky. So from now on I’ll buy tender beef jerky since it’s cheaper and easier for me to handle. So I’m going to book an emergency appointment with the dentist office and hope to God they’ll take me in. If not, I’ll go straight to emerge. “If anything backfires, there’s always a back up!” as Si mentioned on DD. Here is a pic of a package of tender Jack Link’s which I’ll be eating from now on since I have sensitive teeth. Sorry about the bad news, Stawberry, but I know in my mind what to do because Jase mentioned, “If you don’t know what your doing, it’s best to do it quickly!” This is my problem and I know how to deal with it. My dad told me, “You can’t run away from your problems, you MUST deal with them!!!!” And my dad is right. My parents are teachers like Phil and Kay. I’ll will NOT let the dentist ruin my love of Jack Link’s. ‘Nuff said. ❤ Colleen   P.S. I’m not crabby crabby crabby, I’m still happy happy happy despite my teeth. God says that we all deserve happiness on this earth and he’s right. So I’ll be ok. So, don’t worry. I’ll win this battle. ❤ Just like Jase, I’m a true winner, and that’s a fact, Jack!!!


Comments on: "I’m in pain due to Jack Links!!! (beef jerky)" (4)

  1. I set up an appointment with the dentist for 2:30pm EST. So wish me luck and I know in my mind I’ll pull through. ❤

  2. Yep. I’m feeling much better. I won the battle. The pain went down in less than 24 hours and I didn’t need any painkillers! WOW!!! Happy Happy Happy! HAM SAMMICH!!! ❤

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