Hey There!

Colleen here. Anyway, I just took Grandma to emerge and we had a nice healthy dinner out. I had a extra strong decaf black coffee medium sized with a deli stack sammich on a onion kaiser with celery and carrot sticks and small portion of dip and a side of whole wheat low fat crackers or should I say….”quackers???” LOL 😛 That’s a Jase meal right there. Anyway I found this crazy pic of two mallard drakes “roughing it”! Does this seem normal to you??? This pic was taken in Germany. Homosexuality is very rare in animals unlike humans. Now I know how Phil feels behind making those anti-gay remarks on A&E. In the last couple of days, I walked down to Fairy Lake imagining Jase with me, and I attracted a whole crap load of mallard drakes and hens without using a Triple Threat Duck Call!!!! All I used was my kind gentle voice motivating the ducks towards me!!!! I should of took pictures! It was a Kodak moment!!!! Jase said to me in mind, “Wow! You flatter me, Coll! How do you do it?” Answer: Guts and motivation! And both the mallard drakes and hens where “quacking” up a storm!!!! Then the next day I went back, and I caught a mallard hen having a drink and I said to her, “Wow, girl! you must be thirsty!!!” Enough on that. Here’s this abnormal pic!


❤ Colleen

P.S. Happy Happy Happy! HAM SAMMICH!!!! 😀

P.P.S Jase and I found a mallard drake feather on the path at Fairy Lake and I picked it up and took the chase home. Here is a pic of the feather that I found along with my DD mug and a small Canadian flag.




Comments on: "Does this pic look normal to you????" (2)

  1. Those Duck’s heads look a little strange. It almost looks like one duck with two bodies. Also, I don’t think the ducks are homosexual, they’re just being social. HAM SAMMICH!!! ❤

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