Hey There!

Colleen here. If Jase were Canadian, Tim’s would be a good place for him to buy extra strong black coffee. Tim Horton’s has reasonable prices on their food items and the coffee goes like hot-cakes!!! And that’s a fact Jack!!!! I support Canada by voting Liberal. Jase looks like the type to vote Liberal. He knows in his mind that his clan was once poor. Willie is making Jase look poor by being a proud American. No offense Willie. Jase mentioned in a Canadian interview, that he likes Canadians!!!! JASE!!! YOU DO TAKE THE CHASE!!! I should know because I’m a DD expert. I’m not against anybody due to being extremely anti-racist. I take offense to ethnic jokes. Brian told me a LOT of ethnic jokes which is very racist. He was worse than my father. My father didn’t mean to but Brian did. Brian is getting professional motivation which I don’t give a rat’s behind. I can’t see Jase do this….he’s not the type unlike his father Phil. No offense Phil. The next federal candidate for PM, I will vote for is Justin Trudeau. He is a true Grit like his father, Pierre. I think Jase likes Barack Obama who is the current President of the US unlike most Americans same thing when Bill Clinton when he was in power. I’m asking God to move the Robertson clan up to Canada and have a better life up here. Miss Kay and Phil mentioned to Willie on the show that they were dying but they didn’t tell Willie the reason why….but I do….Miss Kay’s cooking. So keep Miss Kay and Phil in your prayers and support them for the sake of the Robertson clan. Here’s pics of my Tim Card and Justin Trudeau and his father Pierre.


❤ Colleen

P.S. Happy Happy Happy!!! + HAM SAMMICH!!!

my tim card




Comments on: "Here is a pic of my Tim card…." (3)

  1. Strawberry, are you busy? I’m a bit worried. :-‘(

    • Sorry, to make you worry. I had family over yesterday, and then I couldn’t get my internet to work. Turns out, I just didn’t have my laptop’s wireless function turned on. I’m no computer expert, but I think having the wireless connection turned on helps when someone’s trying to connect to the internet. 😛 HAM SAMMICH!!! ❤

  2. it’s ok.I’ve been there and done that.

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