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Colleen here. Ok. I don’t 100% know if you Strawberry if I told you this but I was physically abused by an unfaithful man who worshiped Hitler. He had a old flag of Japan of the rising sun and a mini-samurai sword above the flag and he also had a dagger which are considered as weapons. I’m surprised he didn’t kill me with that dagger!!! But he hit me in the head with a pill bottle which was not hard enough because I have have strong bones due to drinking crap loads of milk. But he did pull my hair and left a large bruise on my left calf due to kicking me in the leg with his sock feet. He was a drug addict of marijuana and a true narcissist. He had a LOT of war movies and cheered on the Germans and the Japanese whom I dislike. No offense to them. He was a womanizer because he looked at other skinny woman and took me for granted due to my weight problem. He played games with my heart and made me severely depressed and I felt like being on my last “duck call”. But Sam saved the day by discovering the bruise and made me brought it to David’s attention. Sam is my good roommate and adopted sister. So I owe it all to Sam. I see unfaithful men and woman as frogs but not poor French-Canadian ones whom I consider skunks which is no offense. I’m not talking about David because he has money and good to look at. So that is the main reason why I’m a Jase Robertson-a-holic and Miss Ban of Bullfrogs. But I do NOT believe in suicide since I never attempted it but I did have thoughts though. He called me every name in the book and that was not called for. This guys name was Brian Sooley and he looked like Stephen King who is the “King of Horror” which is considered evil. Brian is a true bullfrog which is a nice term for an a-hole. I also don’t believe in the Walking Dead and Bates Motel which have disturbing scenes on television. A music video that I dislike is “Heart-shaped Box” by Nirvana because it shows the crucifixion of our Lord which is pure evil. But I love that movie the Passion of the Christ which was extremely graphic but very well done directed by Mel Gibson. I can also handle severe graphic violence like I’m drinking a glass of water due to my thick nerves. How do I do it? Answer: I have guts and motivation. So I don’t get easily get grossed out or embarrassed. I can also tolerate bad hygiene and I if were Jase’s wife….I’d outsmart Missy! Here is a pic of a bullfrog which I think of most men which is no offense to. Yes. I am a frog’s worst nightmare!


❤ Colleen

P.S. I’m still happy happy happy despite Brian whom I’m getting over…slowly.



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  1. It’s going to be a LONG time before I get over that bullfrog whom I once loved. I went out with him for almost 4 years and he was first true love that turned into pure torture! >:-(

    • Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll move on and be a lot happier because of it. And I’m sure this experience has made you a stronger and better person, so you’ll be ready the next time disaster strikes. In the mean time, try to stay happy happy happy! HAM SAMMICH!!! ❤

  2. I’m so sorry that you had to go through all that. T.T I like the Japanese, I don’t like that they sided with Hitler, but they weren’t the only ones. Of course, I like all people, no matter where they’re from, or what they’ve done. Now, don’t think that means I’m okay with sin, because I’m not, but it’s possible to love the person and hate the sin. I know this is possible because that’s what Jesus does. And if He didn’t, well, we’d all be burning in fire. I know what this Brian guy did was terrible, but, I feel sorry for him. Because, while you’ve moved on to a better place, he is still in that awful hole that he has dug for himself.

    • I have no sympathy for him since I am a victim of domestic abuse. But I’m glad you are sympathetic and empathetic of me. I’m your friend…not him. no offense.

      • I may be sympathetic, but I’d probably still slap him in the face for what he did to you. 😡

        No offense taken. Don’t worry, I know you’re my friend, and I honestly wouldn’t want a friend like him anyway. He sounds like he was a jerk. 😡

  3. The main reason why I kicked Brian to the curb…. him being jealous due to my stainless steel nerves. ‘Nuff said.

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