Hey There!

Colleen here. Yes guys, this is very true. Since Jase likes Canadians, that’s a dead giveaway. Willie and Missy are making Jase look poor by being proud Americans. Jase knows in his mind that Phil and Kay were once poor. So I’m asking God to move the Robertson clan up to Canada so I can meet Jase in person. Jase is about to meet Miss Ban of Bullfrogs and I’ll be a real good stepmother to his children once Missy goes. No, I’m not jealous of Missy and I’m not rushing her to her last “duck call” either, I’m just telling you what’s going to happen to Jase in the long run as I wait. Phil mentioned “Good things come to those who wait!” Here are some unhappy pics of Jase and a video of him in a Canadian interview. I have pure sympathy for Jason Silas Robertson! 😦 So keep Jase in our prayers and help him move up to Canada. Canada is a great place to live since we get a LOT of immigrants!!! Canadian food rocks! So that means Jase is not a happy American or Redneck for that matter, he just acts like that on tv. But Jase still loves hunting but it doesn’t cut the cheese with him. Jase is very upset. Sorry about the bad news but I’ll know that Jase will motivate himself up here because a lot of Canadian fans are Jase fans, so therefore his Triple Threat is popular up here. And if Missy goes, support Jase!!! I should know this because I’m a DD expert.


❤ Colleen

P.S. Smile Jase, God loves you!

P.P.S The Lord talks to me in Jase’s voice. Good news is, Jase is outsmarting Weight Watchers with the promotion of strong black coffee!!!! Jase helped me create a Duck Dynasty diet!!! I lost 35 lbs due to it in less than 3 months!!! Jase, you DO take the chase and the cake!!! 😀 I know how Jase feels because it happened to me but with Brian.








Comments on: "Jase is not a happy camper in West Monroe. :-(" (3)

  1. I forgot to say that Si is outsmarting Weight Watchers too, but with tea. So therefore it will help all tea drinkers. And that’s a fact Jack!!! 😀

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