Hey There!

Colleen here. Yes! Miss Boss Hog got her “Mischa”! which is a Sony Vaio. She is happier than a pig in mud like Willie mentioned about Godwin on DD. And, I Miss Ban of Bullfrogs will officially own my “Jason” on August 5th. Just like John Luke, Sam is a fan of the Walking Dead. Sam has lots of things in common with Willie and I, with Jase. Strawberry, you already know this, I’m just telling my other readers. “Jason” is a Lenovo. He is my cup of strong black coffee and “Mischa” is Sam’s cup of iced tea! I bought some Canadian jerky which outsmarts Jack Link’s!!!! I also bought some Maxwell House decaf coffee along with some Smartfood white cheddar popcorn! Even when I’m out, I make healthy choices. So Sam and I are happy happy happy, and I’m off to social.


❤ Colleen


Comments on: "Sam got her “Mischa”!" (2)

  1. Sounds like everyone’s happy happy happy over there. 😀

  2. yes we are happy happy happy. ’nuff said and that’s the bottom line.

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