Here are some pics!

Hey There! 

Colleen here. Here is a pic of me with the Canadian flag and I’m still a happy Canadian even though I dated a Newfoundlander who reminded me of Willie. Just like Willie, Brian owned a samurai sword. I’m just telling my other readers, that’s all, Strawberry. And he ate beef jerky like Willie too. HOLY CRAP!!!! All I did was pray and vote for the Grits. Grits are like Democratic. They support poor people. I’m on ODSP which is an Ontarian version of social assistance. I live in a town called Newmarket which is NOT part of the GTA. Brian came from Aurora, which is part of the GTA and drove like Missy. I’m surprised that Brian didn’t get a speeding ticket!!!! When Miss Boss Hog (Sam) goes, I’ll get a good paying job and move on from this group home and find a man who reminds me of Jase. No pun intended either. I would feel safe in a car with Jase because he has a clean driving record. I know Jase will love me and take me for who I am, since he’s the type of man, and I will do the same for him in return. What I’m saying is, I trust Jase. Michelle needs to use “Jason” so I must cut to the chase. Jase healed my bad karma I got from Brian because I know in my mind that he is a psychic. Here is my desktop wallpaper and my “Jason” pics.


❤ Colleen








Comments on: "Here are some pics!" (6)

  1. Behind “Jason” is my red purse.

  2. Very nice Colly 🙂

  3. You’re a happy Canadian, and I’m a happy American. Which means we both try to stay happy happy happy no matter what happens. 🙂 HAM SAMMICH!!! ❤

    • what part of the USA do you come from? If you are a happy American, you must have “nerves of steel” like Jase and I.

      • Sorry, but I don’t want to narrow down where I am too much, after all, you never know who may come along and read the comment. But I will say that I live in a place where there are a lot of rednecks. 😛 So, yeah, I do have “nerves of steel”.

  4. The reason why I have “nerves of steel” is that I’m a Scorpio.

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