Social tonight….

Hey There!

Colleen here. I’m doing a secret talent at the social, But I can’t tell you what it is because I don’t trust a lot of people who remind me of Willie. At Fairy Lake, I found another mallard hen feather since I lost the other one due to being disorganized. I told my dad about it but not my mom. Next week, when I get money from David, I will buy my pets (the ducks) some bird seed. Tomorrow, I’m taking a road trip up to The Treasure House by bus to pick up Jase’s book and Sam’s star of David necklace, so therefore I’m hunting down two mallard ducks down in one shot at The Treasure House. I make myself very flexible by making a LOT of sacrifices which Jase tells me to do so. Tomorrow morning I’m taking Barb to see Dr. Doherty about her knee instead of swimming. I’m very busy tomorrow, so swimming is out of the question. Anyway, I’m here relaxing on my “Jason” and enjoying myself. I told Sam I ❤ my “Jason”. I also told her I ❤ her too. Sam is good company, she keeps me from Willie bugging me, same thing goes with Jase. Anyway I have some nice pics to share and this month….41 pounds are OFF!!! I’m not joking or bragging either….’nuff said and that’s the bottom line.


❤ Colleen





P.S. If you look closely on the arms of my glasses, you can see cameo! 

P.P.S. Happy Happy Happy! If people I don’t trust who are non-pros, look out! I can speak Redneck!!! HAM SAMMICH!!! I’m serious too.


Comments on: "Social tonight…." (5)

  1. Glad to hear that you’re happy happy happy! 😀 So, you speak Redneck, eh? Then do you know what a Gadiation is?

  2. jaserobertsonaholic said:

    i did not know that. now i know. and that’s a fact jack.

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