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Colleen here. Yeah it’s very true and I’m not bragging either. I ❤ Jase’s book. I, Miss Ban of Bullfrogs is happier than a pig in mud. I also officially own my “Jason” which is my lappy. Here is a pic of me holding Jase’s book proudly as I am a Canadian. I’m not worried about Si. He’ll win the lawsuit. Remember, the Robertson clan are true winners. Si will plead insanity and make sure it won’t happen again just like his brother Phil. GO SI!!!! Si is close to Jase, so I support Si. Jase is a good motivator so he’ll help out Si. I should know because I’m a DD expert. If anyone has questions about DD, come to me and I will tell you.


❤ Colleen

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Comments on: "I now own Jase’s book!!! :-D" (7)

  1. I hope you enjoy it sweetie.

  2. Reblogged this on Life as a Kewpie Doll and commented:
    My sister’s Jase book. 🙂

  3. Strawberry? Are you on a Redneck roadtrip??? if you are…enjoy!!!!

  4. Did i tell you guys that Brian reminded me of Jep more than Willie??? yep. he was a spoiled brat.

    • Strawberry!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU???? I”M WORRIED SICK!!!! :’-(

      • I’m sorry if I made you worry. My church’s Youth Group went on a trip to Dollywood over the weekend, and since I’m part of the youth, I went too. I had a lot of fun! I rode my first roller coaster while I was there, and I loved it! 😀 Anyway, congratulations on getting your Jase book! ❤ And, again, I'm sorry if I worried you.

  5. it’s ok Strawberry, water off a duck’s back. HAM SAMMICH!! 😛

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