Hey Ya’ll!

Miss Ban of Bullfrogs here. Anyway yes and here is proof. I also am going to Fairy Lake to go on my legal duck hunt. (that means, see the ducks and feed them.) I have popcorn to feed them. Yes, ducks love popcorn. I should know because I’m a DD expert. I took a stroll to PC Corner and gave them back a web cam that I borrowed. I bought Coll-Jerky last night and ate some, and this morning I was hunting in the pool like Jase would. (Coll-Jerky is Canadian beef jerky). I also bought some nice instant decaf coffee. The label on the coffee shows a picture of black coffee. The best way to take your coffee is black to tell all my readers that don’t know. I should know because I’m a coffee addict. One day I’ll get Miss Boss Hog to take a picture of me in my wave cameo bathing suit. Anyway I’m glad I’m succeeding in life due to my “nerves of steel”. If people don’t know, just like Korie, I’m a Scorpio!!! 😀 My birthday is November 20th 1978 so I’m Jep’s age. But I am the Jase of the Feeney clan though. That means I’m the second oldest. Strawberry, are you older or younger than Dino? Sam said you were younger. You must be the Jase of your clan!!!! I might have a pic of my bathing suit too. Tell me what you think. My mom paid for it and I’m making good use of it and it’s chlorine resistant. I also overcame my fear in the deep end. Jase told me to think of myself in the Dead Sea by using my “nerves of steel”. Some taxi driver said to me that I might be qualified to be in the Canadian Armed Forces and I took that as a compliment. Here are some nice pics and almost 45 pounds off this month on the DD diet that I created with Jase’s motivation. So it’s Brian’s loss and Jase’s gain!!!!


❤ Colleen





Comments on: "I have a new web cam!!! :-D" (6)

  1. Did I tell you guys that my last name Feeney means military soldier?? And yes it does suit me and yes, I’m a true Feeney.

  2. unfortunately, buttered popcorn is a no no for ducks. Jase told me.

  3. Duckies need their bread fix or else the stupid Canadian geese will get at it. 🙂

  4. I’m older than Dino. It’s great that y’all are still happy happy happy! 😀

  5. so i was wrong, you are the Alan of your clan. Yes, i agree with you about the geese.

  6. but jase said to feed the ducks with popcorn that has no butter and salt but in small portions which means don’t over feed them.

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