Roadkill is DEADLY!!!

Hey Ya’ll

Miss Ban of Bullfrogs here. Well as a Canadian, I think that roadkill is DEADLY and I’m dead serious. You have no idea what that dead animal is carrying. Who would like to eat gator balls or fried squirrel? NOT me that’s for sure. I might try deer meat but that’s it. No offense Miss Kay but what you are cooking up is not good for your clan. I’m asking God to make Miss Kay come to her senses and wake up and smell the black coffee. Maybe Jase can find out what is killing Phil and Kay. So therefore I’m depending on Jase. Strawberry! you are a redneck??? Awesome! But I know you are like Jase and not the type to eat roadkill, but if you do eat it….BE VERY VERY VERY CAREFUL!!!! Strawberry, I’m worried about you now…I don’t want to see you six feet under!!!! :-‘(  Jase bought Canadian beef on the episode called Burger Commander when he faced Willie in a burger cook off. Canadian beef is NOT made from roadkill. Try Coll-Jerky…it’s WAY better than Jack Links. I highly recommend Coll-Jerky!!! So hopefully the Robertson clan will quit with the triple threats and realize that roadkill is just as bad as fast food. I should know this because I’m a DD expert. So foolish people like Si…wake up and smell the black coffee and blow a triple threat while at it….nuff said. So here are some pics of roadkill which are somewhat disturbing….


❤ Colleen aka Miss Ban of Bullfrogs





P.S Support the Robertson clan and make them stop eating this deadly crap!!!!!


Comments on: "Roadkill is DEADLY!!!" (3)

  1. Strawberry? are you mad? If you are, i’m very very very sorry.

    • Don’t worry, I’m not mad. 🙂 I was going to ask where you got a crazy idea like eating roadkill, but now I know that you got it from DD. Also, I don’t know anyone who eats roadkill, and I know a lot of rednecks. BTW there’s nothing wrong with eating squirrel, because squirrels don’t exclusively live on the road in a dead-like state. I’ve never ate one before, but I’ve heard that if you go and shoot one in the woods, they make a tasty gravy. 😛

      Deer meat is really good, especially if you fry it. *Stomach rumbles* Great, I’m hungry now.

  2. Eating roadkill is just disgusting. =P

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