Hey y’all!

Miss Ban of Bullfrogs here. Yes. very true. I try to lean it to them but they don’t listen. I think my family is jealous. I have Jase’s “nerves of steel” and they don’t see that at all. Strawberry, if you meet me, I’m not introducing to you to my clan. Just people here in my home. I told my clan that I will take my redneck problems elsewhere. I’m not a redneck but I do act like one. My mom hates my redneck attitude. But she can’t change that because that’s the way God made me. So I’m asking God to help me smarten the Feeney clan up and wake up and smell the black coffee. I’m a bit pissed of that I’m getting a lack of support from the Feeney clan so I turn to the Robertsons. I’m happy that Jase motivated me into losing weight and when I meet him I will tell him that I invented the DD diet and bracelets and help me patten the DD diet. I will tweet at Jase and tell him that he is outsmarting Weight Watchers. I almost lost 50 lbs on the DD diet that I invented. I need God to help me on this….I don’t want to lose the Feeney clan.


❤ Miss Ban of Bullfrogs aka Colleen


P.S. Here are two new bracelets I made for myself…

P.P.S. Here is a nice pic of me continuing with my great weight loss. I told Miss Kay on Facebook that my clan doesn’t understand rednecks.





Comments on: "My immidiate family doesn’t understand rednecks." (7)

  1. Strawberry, good luck in the new school year. you must be getting school supplies.

  2. Rednecks are those kinda people that you either get, or you don’t.

  3. I put up a new post that has some pictures I drew. Here’s a link if you want to see them:


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