Hey Y’all!

Miss Ban of Bullfrogs here. Yes. I AM!!!! I made a deal with Value Village for a fake Jase beard. They are selling them for $5.99 Canadian. I’m picking one up as of tomorrow since they go like flapjacks. The lady on the phone said that there are a LOT left so I’m thinking ahead like Jase would do. I have a wig for Jase’s long hair and I’ll ask Sam aka Miss Boss Hog to take a picture tomorrow!!! Last year I was Willie. But to due to my great weight loss, I deserve to be Jase. Here is a pic of the beard that I’m getting. My mom is like Willie, she leaves things until the last minute which pisses Jase and I off. My mom is the Willie of her clan. She reminds me so much of Willie, it’s not funny. My dad is the Alan of his. My dad understands me better than my mom. When I went in for my breast reduction surgery, my dad was there for me. I’m like Mia, I’m close to my dad. My dad is like Jase and Phil. my mom is like Missy and Willie. Anyway, here’s a beard I might get….


❤ Colleen aka Miss Ban of Bullfrogs

P.S. I’m an aunt again!!! Here is a pic of my new nephew, Owen with my parents!!!



Comments on: "I’m being Jase for Halloween!!!!" (1)

  1. I still have no idea what I’m going to be for Halloween. Congrats on being an Aunt again! 🙂

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