Hey Y’all!

Colleen here. Yes there is a DD song. Here’s the link…..

Anyway, here at my home did I tell you guys that there is a LOT southern food on our menu? Well…true. When I went to Tim Horton’s yesterday with my mom after swimming, I ordered a black coffee with a banana pecan muffin. I’m just on my “Jason” right now relaxing and enjoying the redneck ride. Today at lunch I had a HAM SAMMICH with carrot slaw. Tonight is haddock and tators. My dad loves southern food too, like me. We were talking about johnny cake yesterday. I ❤ johnny cake! I remember having it at a restaurant called Kenny Roger’s Roasters which no longer exists up here in Canada. 😦  Yes, like a redneck, I ❤ country music. I like a couple of songs that talk about rednecks and they are….It’s alright to be a redneck by Alan Jackson and Redneck Woman by Gretchen Wilson. Here are the links….

The DD diet is doing fine….I lost 49 pounds!! Thanks to Jase!!!! Jase is my motivator. I haven’t bought the fake beard yet, but I will in the second week in October. I just had a hazelnut black coffee just now. Just like Jase….I ❤ black coffee. I went bowling today and just like Jase, I ❤ bowling. I got a score of 117. I was once in a league and I hated it. People gave me a hard time so I quit the league and the coach was very mean like Willie. Here is a pic of a tee that says Don’t mess with Jase…


❤ Colleen




Comments on: "Hear the Duck Dynasty song….." (7)

  1. Strawberry, if you want to email me about anything, reach me at missbanofbullfrogs@outlook.com k?

    • K. Although, I’m not really big on e-mailing people I only know through the internet. It’s nothing personal, I guess it’s just a redneck thing. Also, that last picture spoke to me, because, I have a friend (who is also a redneck and may be more so than me) who almost always wears a hat. And my favorite thing to do when he wears that hat, is steal his hat from his head and wear it for as long as I can before he steals it back. He hates it when I do that though. 😛

  2. jaserobertsonaholic said:

    i wear a hat to a lot so i know how your friend feels. when people mess with me, i speak redneck.

    • Most of the time, when I steal his hat, he just looks at me and calmly says “Give me back my hat.” But, sometimes, we get into a play fight for the hat, which involves me running away from him while he tries to get his hat back. And other times, when I don’t give him back his hat the first time he asks, he looks me right in the eye and very calmly says “Please.” When he says “Please” I usually give it back. His eyes are the right shade of blue that makes it almost impossible to say “No” to him when he wants something like that.

      • Man! you have a good sense of humor like Si. 🙂 a girl named Balvinder messes with me and my hat ALL the time!!!

      • The main reason I steal his hat is to get his attention. And it works. 😛 I always make sure I give him his hat back after awhile, if he doesn’t take it back himself. Is Balvinder one of your friends?

  3. yeah she is. she lives with Sam and I in our group home.

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