A redneck beer…..

Hey Y’all!

Miss Bane of Bullfrogs here. Anyway, Strawberry, when you reach legal drinking age, I have a beer to suggest for you, a redneck. A beer that I drink is called Coors Light and that is a redneck beer. Stone Cold Steve Austin gave Vince McMahon a beer bath in it to entertain the fans. Stone Cold Steve Austin is a pro-wrestler who is a redneck who drinks Coors Light. I can see Jase drink this. Jase looks like the type to have a couple of brewskies with his dad, Phil which I do with  my dad, Greg. My brothers, Tom and Mike who are the Willie and Jep of the Feeney clan also drink Coors Light like me. My dad will have Coors Light ready for me when the Canadian Thanksgiving rolls around. We are having a Feeney clan gathering on the 12th of October so I wish all the Canadians, a Happy Thanksgiving. Well…Jase is right about turkeys tasting way better than ducks. My mom is getting a 22 lb turkey. My mom’s name is Patsy. She is a teacher like Miss Kay. When I was young which I still am, she gave me the birds and the bees speech. I kinda got embarrassed when Phil gave Jase’s son, Cole that speech with the crawfish not knowing Phil was a teacher. My parents are retired teachers like Phil and Miss Kay. So I’m going to celebrate Thanksgiving, redneck style with the whole Feeney clan! It’s on like Donkey Kong! and that’s a fact Jack! Next thing you’ll be doing is sippin’ on samosas!


❤ Miss Bane of Bullfrogs aka Colleen

P.S. Here is a pic of Coors Light…the redneck beer. Also two Jase and Si memes and them turkey hunting…



CoorsLight_is (2)is (1)



Comments on: "A redneck beer….." (2)

  1. I can’t wait till I’m old enough to drink, I’ve heard great things about water.

  2. yes, water is good for you…it’s the key to losing weight!!! 😀

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