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A music video of the Robertson clan…

Hey Y’all!

Colleen here. Yes and here it is… The artist that sings this song is Darius Rucker who is the lead singer of Hootie and the Blowfish. Darius Rucker comes from South Carolina so that makes him a redneck too. This is a great video. Strawberry, if you like country music….this video is for you!!! 🙂 I saw Jase in a bar in this video so he must drink beer like a typical redneck does. But I know Jase likes coffee shops better than bars…well so do I. Strawberry, what is your fave coffee shop? Mine is Tim Horton’s who make excellent coffee. I order dark roast black medium sized all the time. I don’t think Tim’s is in the southern States. Another coffee shop I like is Starbucks which most Canadians can’t handle since their coffee is strong. Just like Jase, I ❤ strong black coffee. My parents asked me how I handle black coffee. Answer: Guts and motivation!!! Jase motivated me into drinking strong black coffee. I’m cutting down on sugar and trying to stick to the Duck Dynasty diet that I invented in which the Robertson’s have no knowledge of. I lost 50lbs on the Duck Dynasty diet!!! So enjoy the video…


❤ Colleen aka Miss Bane of Bullfrogs



I share the same birthday as Si’s wife!!!

Hey Y’all!

Colleen here. Well…true. I found this out on Facebook at the Uncle Si’s Iced Tea post. I was in total shock when I found this out. Today I just turned 36 and Christine is 60 something. Christine is Si’s wife. Willie and Si are lucky to have Scorpio women in their lives. Korie had a birthday on October 24th. Both Si and Willie are both Taurus. Here is the post of Christine and my comment I said to her on Facebook…. So I’m off to my parents at 4pm today.


❤ Colleen

Happy, happy, happy birthday!
Happy birthday to my smokin’ hot honey, Christine!
Photo: Happy birthday to my smokin' hot honey, Christine!
  •  Colleen Feeney: today is my birthday too christine! happy birthday to us both!!!

Thanks to Jase…life has been stress free for me!!! :-)

Hey Y’all!

Miss Bane of Bullfrogs here. Yes, very true and I thank him for it. What he taught me was to drink black coffee and chill out. Also, if there is a stressful situation, I just walk away from it and let them talk it out themselves and not get involved. I also get out of the house and go for a walk. I had a good Halloween. Here is a pic of me as Jase. Strawberry, here is the same pic that Sam posted of me as Jase on her blog. So here it is for extra laughs. Jase is my motivator. I just had a black coffee awhile ago so I’m in good spirits. Black coffee really helps me relax and keeps me in a good mood. I went to my church for dinner and we had meatloaf. Meatloaf is a Si-ism. Si mentioned meatloaf in DD. So I had a Si-meal tonight. Awhile ago I had a chicken tornado for dinner and it reminded me of filet minion which was a Jase-meal. Tomorrow night for dinner we are having southern style Shepherd’s pie. My back is sore since I have chronic nerve pain there. At the end of May, I had this BAD nerve pain in my left foot and Jase told me to go to emerg and get it checked out. It took TWO sets of painkillers to kill that pain!!!! But jase told me to do physical activity to keep the pain from coming back and the pain hasn’t come back since. I have another redneck beer in mind….that is Budweiser. But I prefer to drink Coors Light. I tried Budweiser and I wasn’t keen on it. Anyway I guess that’s it.


❤ Miss Bane of Bullfrogs aka Colleen