Hey Y’all!

Colleen here. Well…true. I found this out on Facebook at the Uncle Si’s Iced Tea post. I was in total shock when I found this out. Today I just turned 36 and Christine is 60 something. Christine is Si’s wife. Willie and Si are lucky to have Scorpio women in their lives. Korie had a birthday on October 24th. Both Si and Willie are both Taurus. Here is the post of Christine and my comment I said to her on Facebook…. So I’m off to my parents at 4pm today.


❤ Colleen

Happy, happy, happy birthday!
Happy birthday to my smokin’ hot honey, Christine!
Photo: Happy birthday to my smokin' hot honey, Christine!
  •  Colleen Feeney: today is my birthday too christine! happy birthday to us both!!!

Comments on: "I share the same birthday as Si’s wife!!!" (4)

  1. Happy Birthday! 😀

  2. thank you. and i had a feeling in the pit of my stomach that i shared a birthday with a Robertson.

  3. happy thanksgiving Strawberry!!! even though i don’t celebrate it here in Canada, i wish you a good one anyway.

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