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I’m determined to fight the winter blues….

Hey Y’all!

Colleen here. Anyway last year I overcame my fear on the ice and this year I haven’t slipped on the ice once. Like Jase, I’m a strong fighter and have “nerves of steel”. I bought a pair of ladies military boots last year and they are still good this year. I haven’t been depressed this winter because I’ve been keeping active and up and about like Jase. Jase would be able to live up here because he seems like the type to survive a Canadian winter. But Willie on the other hand…..not a chance. Willie has bad nerves and seems like a total wuss. I don’t blame Si for calling Willie a chicken. Willie could never stand a winter here in Canada. No offense to Willie but that is just my honest opinion. I heard that Jase is qualified to be in the American Armed Forces. I can tell because Jase wears cameo. Sam has a friend named Jason here on WordPress. I’m determined to fight the winter blues and stay happy. I’m doing this because I’m a outdoors woman. In March I plan to see my duck friends again at Fairy Lake when they are back here in the North. I’m also a duck woman. So call me a “quack”! Ducks are my favorite bird next to a Robin. Anyway I’m a southern type of girl but I can hack a winter up here in Canada. I consider myself a redneck woman. I enjoy southern food and like to drink beer like a redneck. But I don’t drink beer here at the home but I have the odd Coors Light at my parents. Tonight we are having a pork roast with mashed potatoes and veggies and gravy. I bought some beef jerky the other day and I got my friend Barb into it. Sam and I love beef jerky. Since I’m the type to hunt, I’m FEARLESS!!!! I had a dream I went duck hunting with Jase and Phil. Man! If that happened in reality, I’d be in heaven. Anyway I guess that’s all.


❤ Colleen aka Miss Bane of Bullfrogs

P.S. Here is a pic of Jase eating soft serve ice cream and it looks like he’s out to kill Willie!!!

When it’s cold up here in Canada in the winter, ice cream is out of season. 😦

Here is a pair of military boots….