Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hey Y’all!

Colleen here. Anyway I had a good Valentine’s Day but I don’t have a bf but I celebrated it with Sam aka Miss Boss Hog. I took a Robertson personality quiz and guess who I got? Answer: Jase!!!! I DO have a Jase Robertson personality. I have a LOT in common with Jase it’s not funny. I could be his perfect match. Tomorrow I’m going to a church dinner and it’s supposed to be cold and just like Jase….I’ll hack the cold with the “nerves of steel” that I have. Strawberry, how was your Valentine’s? Do you have a bf? (boyfriend)  Anyway here are some DD Valentine Pics….


❤ Colleen aka Miss Bane of Bullfrogs


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  1. I had a great Valentine’s Day! The youth at my church does a Valentine’s Day Dinner for everyone, so I helped with that. Since most of my friends are in the youth group, I got to spend the whole day with them, so I had fun. 🙂 I don’t have a bf yet, and there hasn’t really been any boys that have shown interest in me yet, but that’s okay. I just take it as a sign that God is waiting to send me the perfect prince when I become the perfect princess for my prince. 😉

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