Hey Y’all!

Colleen here. Very true. It’s not a good feeling. I feel like Willie actually. Willie never shared his biltong with his workforce and that is just plain selfish and greedy. I’m like Jase, I share my snacks. Sam calls Willie a “Redneck Fatty”. No offense Willie. I told Sam and my friend Cathy I feel this way and they don’t blame me. I bet Korie doesn’t even sleep with Willie due to his weight and for the fact he snores which most people find hard to tolerate. I snore but Sam can’t hear me quack all since she sleeps like a dead redneck. I bought some chocolate macaroons and rosebuds and beer nuts today and yes, I did share them like Jase would do with his friends. Anyway I’m here wearing my Si pj’s. Sam is in the tv room watching The Walking Dead which is a show that John Luke likes. *SI* personally I can’t stand that show worth quack. Here are some pics of the Robertsons eating. The Willie ones will gross you out a little…



❤ Colleen aka Miss Bane of Bullfrogs

P.S. Sam told me a guy on the Walking Dead named Darryl Dickson who is a redneck ate roadkill in tonight’s episode. Barfarama as Jase would say. Happy Happy Happy and HAM SAMMICH!!! haven’t done that in a long time lol 😛


Comments on: "When I don’t share my snacks with my friends I feel like a redneck fatty…." (4)

  1. HAM SAMMICH!!! ❤

  2. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, I got a new puppy! 😀 Her name is Ezzie. I have some pictures of her up on my blog if you want to see them.

  3. i’ve seen ezzie on dino’s blog. she is very cute! 🙂

  4. Even when i pig out i feel like a redneck fatty. NOT a good feeling y’all!

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