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I’m sick once again!!!

Hey Y’all!

Colleen here. I have strep throat and tonsillitis. Yeah I know that’s bad but I’m being put on penicillin as of tomorrow. But I’m seeing Donnie tonight too but I will NOT kiss him until I get better. More rumors have been spread about Phil in DD news. I’m sick of these Canadians dumping on Phil. I stood up for Phil on Facebook and told those ppl to quack off and leave Phil alone. Canadians have no clue that Americans have a freedom of speech. Just like Jase, I’m a strong fighter and I will fight this illness. Penicillin is a very powerful antibiotic. Sam and my dad are allergic to penicillin. If i have tonsillitis 4 more times this year I might have to undergo surgery. Pray that I don’t have to please. Thank you.


❤ Colleen aka Miss Bane of Bullfrogs

My boyfriend might not be a redneck but he’s decent.

Hey Y’all!

Colleen here. Well…yes. I met Donnie at my church. I go to my church every Monday night and right before my very redneck woman eyes there’s Donnie waiting for ME!!! Donnie is kind of like Jase. He’s laid back, has nerves of steel, very thoughtful and nice. He is the Willie of his clan but he sure doesn’t remind me of Willie. Donnie was born in Richmond Hill which is a town south of Newmarket. Donnie is 43 and I’m 36. I’m the Jase of my clan and I’m proud of it. Donnie is not fond of black coffee like I am but he sure loves his Pepsi which is a redneck drink!!! I met Donnie in a Catholic church which makes me Catholic. My church is St. John Chrysostom. I’m seeing Donnie again tomorrow. Did I tell you that Donnie lives near me??? Well…yes he does and that’s good for me. I wish people a Happy Belated Easter. I had a good Easter with the Feeney clan and enjoyed myself. Donnie doesn’t smoke, drink or do drugs or have an anger problem for me to deal with. I have to say that Donnie is decent. He’s a Leo like Jase. I’m glad I have a Leo man in my life which I wanted from God. Don is growing a beard for me since I’m attracted to men with beards. Donnie has a redneck woman in his life which is me and I know he would do anything to satisfy me, his redneck woman. Donnie has a sister named Jackie and she is the Jase of her and Donnie’s clan and Jackie and I get along great. Jackie is a Virgo. I’m a Scorpio and Scorpios are known for their nerves of steel…well…so are Leos. Anyway I guess I better pack it in. See y’all!


Colleen aka Miss Bane of Bullfrogs