Happy Halloween!!! :-)

Hey Y’all!

Colleen here. Well it’s Halloween and I’m looking forward to it. I’m being Jase for Halloween again this year. Sam is just being her own scary self lol. Sam could be one of the Walking Dead if she wanted to. Sam <3’s the Walking Dead. And in that show there is a redneck named Daryl Dixon who eats roadkill which is plain nasty!!!! The thing I hate about the Robertson’s is that they eat roadkill. Jase mentioned that eating roadkill is on a redneck’s paycheck. I’d rather die than eat that crap. I think that the Robertson’s are out to lunch by eating roadkill. I would NOT touch Miss Kay’s cooking with a ten foot pole. Who would want to eat squirrel brains? NOT ME!! Maybe Miss Kay would though. Daryl Dixon eats snake, dog and other types of roadkill. Anyway don’t read this post while eating….you might puke. Seeing Willie eat makes me sick. He eats like a goddamn hog. No offense Willie. The Boss Hog suits Willie…in a bad way. I’m moving on from Don now if people are asking. I enjoy spending quality time with Sam and we plan to stay up late tonight. My friend Kim and I went out for a coffee tonight and yes, I had a black coffee. I STILL take my coffee black. I might make myself a cup of black coffee tonight. I ❤ dark roast. I have some dark roast coffee here at the home and it’s Maxwell House rich dark roast. Sam eats like Willie but I put up with it. I’m a clean and sensible eater like Jase. Tomorrow we are having a pizza party to celebrate Halloween. Sam just might gorge on the pizza. Just like Willie, Sam loves pizza. Also like Willie, Sam is a picky eater. I’m not picky at all like Jase. Just like Jase I can live without a lot of luxuries and put up with a LOT of bullcrap. As you noticed, I never swear in my blog. I’m a religious redneck Catholic. I respect all devoted Christians. I put up with Brian for over 3 years with his marijuana habit which I should of not tolerated. If I had my head on straight, I could of got him busted. But it’s too late now because marijuana is now legal in Canada thanks to Justin Trudeau. I hope Brian suffers without me. If people mess with me, they mess with Jase. I have a Jase personality. Anyway here are some Halloween DD pix and a fun pic of black coffee.


❤ Colleen aka Miss Bane of Bullfrogs



Comments on: "Happy Halloween!!! :-)" (6)

  1. It takes a lot for me to vomit. I love Hallowe’en too.

  2. Happy Halloween! I hope you have fun tonight! 😀

    So, now I’m going to tell you something that I think is awesome that happened to me today. I got to meet the WWE Hall of Famer “Boogie Woogie Man” Jimmy Valiant today! He gave me his autograph and I got to have my picture taken with him! Since you mentioned you like wrestling, I thought you might find that cool. 🙂

  3. is this wrestler a redneck? Did you know that Jake the Snake Roberts is a redneck?

  4. Don and I have decided to be good friends and are back on speaking terms 🙂

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