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I dropped Joe for Sean….

Hey Y’all

Colleen here. Well..true. Joe was a bullfrog. He was also a sex offender so I stopped talking to him and I met a new guy named Sean at the social that goes on Thursday nights.Sean is a country boy but not a redneck. Rednecks don’t really reside here in Canada, only in the southern States. I might consider myself a redneck but really I’m not. Sean reminds me of Jase but he doesn’t have a beard. Sean is a handsome guy and my type. Sam thinks otherwise. She’s more into blond men. I like dark haired men. I trust Sean with all my ❤ and I ❤ him. I eat like Jase. Sam eats like Daryl Dixon  who is a redneck whom is on the Walking Dead.I’m saddened by the news about David Bowie. He was my fave male singer.RIP David. I had meatloaf for lunch and boy it was good. Anyway I’m once a happy woman again and I’m glad that God blessed me with Sean. Sean is perfect for me. He is a sweetheart. I will NOT pass him up.

Take Care!

❤ Colleen

Happy Happy Happy and HAM SAMMICH!

P.S. Here are some DD pix…