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I took 3 Duck Dynasty books out of my local library today…

Hey Y’all!

Colleen here. Very true. Sorry I haven`t been posting. I need to be more motivated to blog more. I took out a book on Si, Phil and the Robertson wives. I still have Jase`s book in my room too. Before I went on my lappy, I was reading Si`s book. Sam is listening to some music on her computer while I blog on mine. I bumped into the Willie and Korie of the Feeney clan at the splash pad today and I also saw my nephew Owen who is the John-Luke. Owen is WAY younger than John-Luke. Owen is almost 2. Here is a pic of Owen and I at the splash pad. My brother Tom is the Willie and my sister-in-law is the Korie.1625770_814649511600_5133115829433955817_n

What do you guys think of Owen? I think he’s a cutiepie. I am a proud aunt. I have another nephew and niece in Winnipeg whom are my sister Kerry’s kids. Here are some book covers of the books I took out. Also here is an old pic of me holding Jase’s book in which I still own….

Take Care!

❤ Colleen aka Miss Bane of Bullfrogs

Happy happy happy and HAM SAMMICH!!!