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How I diet: The Jase way….

Hey Ya’ll!

Colleen here. Anyway, I found two images on the internet on dieting the Jase way, with black coffee!!! 🙂

Here they are!


But lately I’ve been slacking off, eating pizza and loads of stuff I shouldn’t be eating. I need more motivation. So all my readers…give me motivation PLEASE!!! It’s either that or I’m dead duck with my homeowner. I need to shed it off BIG TIME!!! I gained more than half the weight back than I lost the year b4. So I better get off my duff and do something!!!

I need Jase’s help again. So Jase, please if you hear me, let me lose the weight AND keep it OFF!! Sam will so the same but with Willie’s help.


❤ Colleen aka Miss Bane of Bullfrogs

Happy Happy Happy and HAM SAMMICH!!

P.S. I think on the internet you can do it the Si way with black tea 🙂