To all my Jewish friends, have a good new year 🙂

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  1. Coll! How have you been?

    • i’ve been great. I have a new boyfriend. His name is Justin. we have been together for almost a month. He’s coming over to see me soon. He lives near me so I can walk to his place and back to mine. He loves Duck Dynasty. He likes Willie. We saw a guy that looked like Willie in a local bar and the guy was touched. He also likes to drink coffee like me and has nerves of steel.

  2. Here is a pic of Justin. I got rid of Sean. Sean was a Mama’s boy to the 3rd degree. I didn’t like that too much. Justin is more independant. Justin is a Leo man like Jase. Justin and I go out very often for coffee. We are coffee drinkers like there is no tomorrow. I smell smoke somewhere in the house! I hope nobody is smoking indoors. We have a no smoking policy here. Strawberry, do you think Justin is cute? I do. I think he’s HOTT! He’s no redneck but very decent.

  3. I met him at social night too just like how i met Sean. Justin lives in a all male group home near my all female group home where Sam and I live. Are you still with your bf? I just got back from seeing Justin. I hope Duck Dynasty comes back for another season. Can’t get enough of that Robertson clan.

    • Yeah, I’m still with my bf. 🙂 We celebrated our 1 year anniversary on Spetember 11th. ❤ I haven't heard one way or the other on Duck Dynasty, so I have no idea. :/

      • that’s good. Justin is still treating me like gold unlike that bastard Brian that treated me like dirt. I prefer not to swear on my blog because I’m a devoted christian like the Robertson’s are but I think you probably know that by now. Justin and I went on a coffee date tonight. Anyway I’m just giving you an update about how I’m doing

  4. That’s good. :3 You deserve the best! Don’t worry, I’m not sensitive about language anymore. 🙂 You can tell Sam that too. 😉

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