Hey Y’all!

Colleen here. Well, yes! DD is back for another season. I’m surprised about this. After all the crap that Phil went through with the anti-gay remarks, I never knew that DD would go this far. Last summer my DD mug broke and I was upset. But I bought a red one to replace it since there is no more DD merchandise on the shelves thanks to Si!!! The only DD thing around now is DVD’s.  Thanks a lot Si!!! *being sarcastic*  Anyway I have a new boyfriend named Justin. He is a Willie fan. I still like Jase which has not changed. But what changed is that I’m not attracted to men with beards anymore since beards don’t suit most men. I like my Justin clean shaven like Alan. Another thing that hasn’t changed is my love for black coffee and rednecks. Justin is not a redneck but a very nice guy. He accepts me as a redneck women. I’m not a true redneck woman though because I don’t drink beer or drive a truck. If I had my driver’s license I would drive a truck in a heartbeat and drive Justin everywhere. Justin has his license but doesn’t have a car nor a truck. I only drink beer on occasion but I don’t get drunk. I can’t handle a lot of beer, it’s not good for my stomach or my pills I take. Anyway here is the premiere date of DD. I have a little something to tell you, Justin and I were in a bar in our town called Newmarket and saw a guy who looked exactly like Willie and we told him and the guy was touched.


❤ Colleen

Happy happy happy and HAM SAMMICH!

P.S. Now I know how Missy feels about beards. I’m not keen on them. Well, neither does my mother. If I were Missy, I’d tell Jase shave off the beard or leave him. No offense Jase.




Comments on: "Duck Dynasty is back for season 11!!!" (16)

  1. I forgot to mention that Justin reminds me of Alan. He is the Alan of his family like I am the Jase of mine. Just like Justin and I, Jase and Alan are close.

  2. I’m happy for you. 🙂 Also, you do know that you don’t have to drive a truck or drink beer to be a redneck, right? While it’s true that a lot of rednecks do that, it’s not a necessary thing.

  3. oh ok now you tell me. Sam and i are both sick and poor Justin is on his own until maybe tuesday. just cross your fingers that i’ll be ok by then, justin is sick of waiting. can you blame him?

  4. i had some texan style chili for dinner tonight. it was good.

  5. now i have to wait until sunday to go out with justin. but justin doesn’t mind waiting a bit longer for me. he must have nerves of steel. sam and i are free to do whatever we want on sunday. i’m getting paid on saturday so justin and i will do something special. i’m on antibotics now and it’s about time too. like i said i have nerves of steel too being patient with this chest cold.

  6. i’m feeling much better now. i bought some halls today. Justin was happy to see me today. He told me he was blue without me. sweet eh? Here are a couple of pics of justin and i together.

  7. Hey Coll! I just put up a post with two gameplay videos that I did. I thought you might like to know since I have a facecam in the videos. 😉

  8. kool. jamie and her justin caused me and sam a LOT of turmoil and we stopped talking to her and him so did my justin. i’m feeling relaxed and happier today. i was under a LOT of stress yesterday but i overcame it and saw my justin.

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