Hey Y’all!

Colleen here. This is what Phil gets for not keeping his mouth shut! So blame this on Phil! His anti-gay remarks got so out of hand that now that the show is ended. But I will keep all the DD stuff I have and treasure it forever after the show ends. I’ll buy the rest of the DVD’s and watch them over and over. Even Justin is sadened about this. I think Si had to do about this too. Anyway Sam still is alive Strawberry and currently having probs with her account at wordpress. Anyway here is a pic of Justin and I at a football party that took place last Sunday…..


Colleen aka Miss Bane of Bullfrogs


The “Duck Dynasty” family says its A&E series will end after this season.

via It’s no decoy: ‘Duck Dynasty’ to wrap after 11 seasons — KRON4.com

Comments on: "It’s no decoy: ‘Duck Dynasty’ to wrap after 11 seasons! :-‘(" (5)

  1. Is Sam feeling any better? Also, you and Justin look so cute together! ❤

  2. Sam is feeling better. She might have to use my laptop to log on to WordPress. Thanks for the compliment.

  3. i just turned 38 on the 20th of November. Justin and i celebrated. You are not the only one who says Justin and I look good together, my sister in law said the same darn thing!

  4. i misunderstood justin. he isn’t a fan of Duck Dynasty. just to let you know but he stills loves me though.

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