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The Last DD Episode happens in April

Hey Ya’ll!

Colleen here. yes. I’ve decided to keep this blog. I met a guy who looks like Jase but he’s homeless and refuse to date him because he is reluctant to get a place and the staff here are not keen on him. I respect what Sharon says about this guy. The guy’s name is Tim and he is only my friend and nothing else. Sharon is our full time staff here. So if I see Tim again, since he’s not willing to take my advice and get a roof over his head, his luck with me is gone. My ex, Justin nearly brought bed bugs in my house and I had to wash EVERYTHING I owned, even my winter jacket! We had to take major precautions about this. I left Justin high and dry due to this. I don’t want to date anymore men. I can’t trust them anymore, and I’ve had no idea if Tim has come across bed bugs or not. People told me not to be with homeless dudes and I agree. The last DD episode will be in April. I was reading about this a while back. I don’t think it would look good on me if I dated a homeless person. My parents will be disappointed in me and that would be low of me if I do. So I’m thinking twice about this. Homeless people are most likely to take advantage of women who have money. I’ve been through hell and back with this and I refuse to let it happen again. I had too many broken hearts so I might as well give up. I will tell Tim that he only gets friendship and that’s it. I can’t trust him on getting a place and getting a job etc…I won’t even take him out for coffee since he’ll expect me to pay for it. Plus he influenced my friend Kim into panhandling. Not good. Panhandling is against the law. I forgot to say that Justin and I broke up, scaring me off with bed bugs. I’m not going the same route with Tim. You never know where he has been. Plus I have a feeling that Tim might have been with my friend Darlene and I refuse to hurt her. I like being true to my friends and not date their leftovers. A guy named Pat went out with Sam and tried to make a pass at me and I told him to get lost. I did that for Sam and I will do the same for Darlene. I won’t even date my friend Toni’s ex-husband, Alex for Pete’s sake! Sam felt guilty dating my leftovers with a guy named John so I won’t do the same to her. So I’ve sworn off guys for life. I said on Facebook, I’m single and NOT looking. and that’s the bottom line.


Colleen aka Miss Bane of Bullfrogs

Tim is a bullfrog and I DON’T trust him. Should I put a ban on him like I did to Justin? I think so.

Happy Happy Happy and HAM SAMMICH!