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Here I am in a nice air-conditioned room!!!

Hey There!

Colleen here. Here I am in my room with the AC on. It’s quite cozy in here. No more disturbing news about DD just yet. So I’m glad that Phil is behaving himself toward Miss Kay and among other Robertson’s. But I know that Phil has indeed learned his lesson about the anti-gay remarks and the trouble with the marriage counselor. But if Phil keeps this up, support him please!! For the love of Duck Dynasty!!!! Here is a pic I took of myself with the web cam….Enjoy!


❤ Colleen

My Snapshot1

Here I am relaxing at home….

Hey Peeps! 

Colleen here. Yeah it’s about time I chilled out. I’ve been a busy-body for days on end! I’m drinking a strong black coffee from the DD mug that Sam bought me since I’m falling asleep. I spoke with David about a few things and he’s proud of my mature behavior same thing goes with Sam. I’ve been treating Sam a whole lot better than usual and I know in my mind she’ll forgive me for what I’ve done and she’ll let it “water off a duck’s back” which is a literal term by the way but I’m dead serious about it. I’m glad Sam understands me, she’s the best room-mate, best bud and sister I have ever had in my lifetime. Besides Jase, Sam was also part of my high motivation. Cool eh? I love Sam to death and I’ll be with her until it’s time for them to put her into the ground. That’s how supportive I am of Sam and yes, I DO care!!! Sam has had a tough life and she doesn’t need more trauma!!! >:-( Here is a pic of me drinking my black coffee with the DD mug that she gave me showing more proof that I support her other than Jase! `Nuff said. And yes, I`m Happy Happy Happy. Oh yeah….HAM SAMMICH!!!!

❤ Colleen