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Here I am relaxing at home….

Hey Peeps! 

Colleen here. Yeah it’s about time I chilled out. I’ve been a busy-body for days on end! I’m drinking a strong black coffee from the DD mug that Sam bought me since I’m falling asleep. I spoke with David about a few things and he’s proud of my mature behavior same thing goes with Sam. I’ve been treating Sam a whole lot better than usual and I know in my mind she’ll forgive me for what I’ve done and she’ll let it “water off a duck’s back” which is a literal term by the way but I’m dead serious about it. I’m glad Sam understands me, she’s the best room-mate, best bud and sister I have ever had in my lifetime. Besides Jase, Sam was also part of my high motivation. Cool eh? I love Sam to death and I’ll be with her until it’s time for them to put her into the ground. That’s how supportive I am of Sam and yes, I DO care!!! Sam has had a tough life and she doesn’t need more trauma!!! >:-( Here is a pic of me drinking my black coffee with the DD mug that she gave me showing more proof that I support her other than Jase! `Nuff said. And yes, I`m Happy Happy Happy. Oh yeah….HAM SAMMICH!!!!

❤ Colleen