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Anti-Gay remarks made by Phil are rumors!!!!

Hey There!

Colleen here!

That situation about Phil is false. The Americans have a full freedom of speech unlike Canada. Right now as a Canadian I’m fed up with my country of Canada. Those damn Canadian reporters on the discussion panel were creating a scandal with the Robertson clan, especially Phil! But I will cool off and realize what my country did. SHAME ON CANADA!!! No offense Canada. I will stay Canadian regardless because I’m not changing my citizenship, I refuse to. Same thing goes with me being Roman Catholic. Sorry, Robertson clan but us Canadians need to realize that judging people in every single solitary country including our own is against the law and it’s uncalled for. But I support both countries and we fight in the military as one. I am very anti-racist and I accept any color, race or any shape of form known to mankind. Listen to Michael Jackson’s song “Black or White” and it will tell you. Strawberry, thanks for clearing up this issue with me and know in my mind that Phil is innocent. Also I know in my mind that God does not like this. But I’ll not let this issue get to me so for that…”water off a duck’s back”! I went bowling this morning and I won the game in a tight match with God’s help!!! My score was 108!!!! Thank you God for declaring me the winner…and still I’m happy happy happy!!!! God restored my love of 5 pin bowling!!! I will always support the Robertson’s and no one will change that. My mother has to realize that I need to make choices in life and  I know that God will help me on this. 


❤ Colleen