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I’m feeling better.

Hey There!

Colleen here. Well…I’m feeling better but I have some disturbing new to tell you Strawberry, about Phil!!!! Phil is making anti-gay remarks again but in own god-damn Church of his!!! WHAT A JACKHOLE! Sorry Strawberry, but I have a right to judge Phil. Miss Kay is going to be heartbroken….he’s done this to her more than once. But I know Miss Kay will cool off and forgive Phil with the heart of gold she has and stay together with him ’til duck due them part. So, keep the Robertson clan in our prayers and HOPE to God that Phil will get out of trouble with the law again. Here’s the video to prove that Phil is the culprit.

What do you think? Phil has some beef! And it sure ain’t beef jerky that’s for sure! LOL 🙂 But Phil is right about one thing, everyone known to mankind should be happy happy happy on this very earth of ours and Praise the Lord while at it. Good news about the Robertson’s Korie and Willie are adopting another child and Justin Martin is engaged to his long time gf, Brittany. And to put the icing on the cake, Si and his wife Christine are renewing their wedding vows after 50 long years of marriage. So congrats to Korie, Willie, Martin and Si!!!! But I know Phil will succeed in life with the help of the Robertson clan. So I’ll love DD til kingdom come. ‘Nuff said.


❤ Colleen

P.S. Here is a very recent pic of me before going to social…I lost 25 lbs all together in 2 months! The Feeney-Robertson Diet does indeed work!!!